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Aywyn lands in Australia with operating theatres

  • Completion
    February 5th, 2022
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Australia chooses Made in Italy technology to guarantee health care in all areas of the continent, even the most remote. The supply of mobile operating theaters was awarded to AYWYN, the Piedmontese company of Gruppo Dimensione which - thanks to over twenty years of experience - has already achieved a series of successes at an international level. The modules designed in the Grugliasco plant were created to reduce waiting lists for surgical interventions or to allow hospitals to continue their activities even when it is necessary to renovate some areas. But then they are also used to deal with extraordinary events or emergency situations.

The modules purchased from Australia in particular will be subjected to particularly harsh use, given the climate and the characteristics of the territory. "Four modular operating theaters have already set sail from the port of Savona and two more are in production - explains the CEO of AYWYN, Claudio Majavacca -, these are large demountable modules but which can be transported like a container. They can therefore be transported by any truck. Thanks to a system of hydraulic pistons, they can then be unloaded and set up without the need for a crane. Once opened, they reach 16 meters in length and 8 in width. At that point they offer the same technology as a real operating block”.

The operating room is equipped with a PLC system that manages all the systems, and control can also be done remotely, by transmitting the technical parameters to computers or mobile devices, for a teleassistance service. Furthermore, with the same technology, it is also possible to offer a telemedicine service to carry out remote diagnoses. When designing the interiors, the technicians first thought of the safety of doctors and nurses, precisely because it is possible to carry out full-fledged surgical activities in the modules. The internal layout is divided into three large areas for patient preparation, the operating room and the recovery room. The technicians also designed a dressing room for the staff, a washing room for the surgeon, a room for sorting and treating dirty material and a corridor connecting with the hospital structure. Each module can accommodate up to five patients simultaneously, in addition to medical and nursing staff.

The units are also designed to optimize maintenance operations, given that all the technical compartments are accessible from the outside. "These innovative mobile solutions - specifies Majavacca - are equipped with an operating room with an ISO 5 class laminar flow air treatment system and are able to guarantee excellent performance".

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